The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures are David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny »Huddersfield» Helm. In 1998 Franic and David lived in a village called Wymeswold where they started playing music together, with Hugh J. Noble on drums. The band was called Blind Summit. When Hugh decided he didn’t want to play drums he went to Exeter to study Philosophy instead. The band changed it’s name to The Wave Pictures. Hugh was replaced by several drummers, until Jonny «Huddersfield» Helm became the permanent replacement.

For a few years The Wave Pictures have played sporadically in the UK, France and New York. During this time highlights have included playing at the Mofo Festival in Paris at the invitation of friends Herman Dune, and playing shows with Herman Dune and The Jeffrey Lewis Band. David also sang The Wave Pictures song «Dust Off Your Heart» with Herman Dune on a radio session for the great John Peel. The Wave Pictures have also served as backing band and co-songwriters for John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, the results featuring on a seven-inch single released by 4AD records.

Not only did I appreciate his take-no-prisoners musical stylings but also the imaginative lyrical ideas I found mighty refreshing. This is a man who clearly harbours no ambition to be seen hobnobbing with Dido at the Met Bar and has opted instead to plough a righteous but lonely furrow. Nick Lowe

Créditos MLR028

Una producción de Milivingroom.
Realización: Milivingroom.
Montaje: Milivingroom y Adrián Nieto.
Cámaras: Adrián Nieto, Arcadio Sánchez, Ana García, Marietta Arco, Juan Carlos Mariano, David Triviño y Fernando Cienfuegos.
Grabación, mezcla y postproducción: Marcos Muniz.
Sonido directo: Kiko Gómez.
Ayudantes de producción: Marta Delclós, Alejandra García, José M. Martínez y Carmen Sánchez.
Colaborador técnico: Sinestar.
Agradecimientos: A Cristina y Andrés por abrirnos las puertas de su casa. A Novi, Víctor Sánchez, Miguel López, Marta Delclós, Sinestar y Houston Party. A todos los asistentes y especialmente a David, Franic, Jonathan y David por su colaboración.

The Wave Pictures
David Tattersall (Voz y Guitarra)
Franic Rozycki (Bajo y Coros)
Jonathan Helm (Batería y Voz)
David Beauchamp (Percusiones y Vientos)